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 NOUVEL ORDRE MONDIAL: Le groupe Bilderberg


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Oliver Richmond, le 29-06-2016 à 02:01:03 :


Hi, I am very happy to be in this forum. I am a writer based on a best CV writing service. Based off of this article it would seem that this group which has most of the wealth and power in the west are doing things that the majority wouldn't agree with. What is also interesting is that it seems there are not African or China or Middle Eastern influence whatsoever. Because these meetings are not transparent, it leads me to believe that bad stuff is happening behind the scenes which the majority have no clue about. I see a problem as well with politicians and business leaders meeting with each other, by that action one would deduce that there is significant collusion happening behind the scenes. Overall, this is very disturbing to me, and why people are not asking questions and getting answers are beyond me.

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